Hohner - Pokerwork

Hohner - Pokerwork

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Description :

Probably the most iconic melodeon design in the English tradition and still one of the most common boxes to see played around the country. Like most quintessentially English things (the royal family, our car industry) - it's origins are German! The name Pokerwork is only really used in Britain and is a description of the type of design. Hohner refer to the instrument by its model number, 2915, and it is occasionally also known as the 'goldbrand' model.

With a distinctive tremolo and strident full sound that fans of John Kirkpatrick will instantly recognize it is very popular as a morris box. Available in the keys of D/G, A/D, C/F and G/C

Specification :

Rows : 2

Treble buttons : 21

Basses : 8

Treble voices : 2

Weight (kg) : 2.6

Width (cm) : 28

Depth (cm) :15

Bellows x section (sq. cm) : 420

Treb stops : 0 

3rds stop : No

Bass octave stop : N

Treble registers : 0

Bass registers : 0 

Keyboard : Flat