Saltarelle - Irish Bouëbe

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Description :

Designed with Irish playing in mind with its flat keyboard, the Irish Bouëbe also has a full 23 button treble keyboard and stop to remove the thirds from the chords making it ideal for B/C and C#/D tunings. However these things have also proved very popular with D/G players as it allows a system that has both low notes and accidentals without losing the top range of the scale.

"Bouëbe" (pronounced bweb) is an old dialect word for a young shepherd in the Swiss Alps and the name is an homage to the grandfather of the Saltarelle boss who was also once a young shepherd.

Specification :

Rows :  2

Treble buttons : 23

Basses : 8

Treble voices : 2

Weight (kg) : 3.1

Width (cm) :

Depth (cm) :

Bellows x section (sq. cm) :

Treb stops : 0

3rds stop : Yes

Bass octave stop : No

Treble registers : 0

Bass registers : 0 

Keyboard : Flat