Dino Baffetti - Black Pearl II - Melodeon / Diatonic Accordion , squeezebox, baffetti, new, in sotck, fast delivery, 2 voice, 2 row, 19 buttons, stepped keyboard, 8 bass - squeezeboxes

Dino Baffetti - Black Pearl II

  • £1,495.00

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Description :

The Dino Baffetti - Black Pearl II is famous as a workhorse of the morris and ceilidh scene. It has a strident tone and very present sounding basses which is perfect when you need an instrument to be heard. It's a 2 voice box that comes with the MM reeds tuned to a light tremolo as standard. The hard-wearing black celluloid coating makes it very resistant to dents and dings that most wood-finished boxes can suffer from and its light weight and petite dimensions allow you to play for hours on end. A classic.

Specification :

Rows : 2

Treble buttons : 19

Basses : 8

Treble voices : 2

Weight (kg) : 2.8

Width (cm) : 24

Depth (cm) : 14

Bellows x section (sq. cm) : 336

Treb stops : 0

3rds stop : yes

Bass octave stop : No

Treble registers : 0

Bass registers : 0

Keyboard : Stepped