About us

The founder of squeezeboxes and Oakwood instruments Martyn Banks is now semi retired and has moved the remaining stock to his house in Skipton. As the stock sells it is not being replaced for any enquires please feel free to email: info@themusicroomacoustica.co.uk

SqueezeBoxes is family business based in West Yorkshire, we have a worldwide mail order service and an instrument making business in Oakwood Leeds.  

At SqueezeBoxes we are big enough to hold the UK's largest stock, giving you the best choice. However, we remain small enough to care and ensure you are fully satisfied with your purchase. We aim to provide not only the largest choice but the best service in the UK.

How do we do this?

Advice :

Amongst our staff are top professional musicians who are here to help and advise you with the many options and choices available today. We also understand that experiences vary so if needed we are happy to walk you through the entire purchasing process.

Excellent backup service   :

Martyn Banks has a life time of experience designing, making and repairing instruments, if something can go wrong Martyn will have already fixed it in the past. This means our backup service is second to none in the UK. We are specialists and stock the widest range of replacement parts ensuring you keep your accordion/melodeon in tip top playing condition!

What we offer.


At The Music Room Martyn has specialised in accordions for the past 20 years and had many satisfied customers who will happily recommend us. We have a good range of Piano Accordions available off the shelf, and are happy to discuss your personal requirements to have the perfect accordion made for you. Over the years we have developed close working relationships with several Italian manufacturers, allowing us to offer a large range of options on many different models, so if you have a favourite colour or tuning etc we are only too happy to discuss the options available.


At Squeezeboxes we have the largest stock of melodeons in the UK, giving you the best chance of finding your perfect instrument off the shelf. There are so many options and choices available with diatonic accordions today. Therefore, its important that you buy from a trusted company that is able to both, customise off the shelf instruments and supply melodeons factory fitted with your personal specifications. Here at SqueezeBoxes we can help you make the right choices, with the advice of top professional players who understand every detail when it comes to choosing your perfect melodeon.

Oakwood instruments stopped making its range of diatonic accordions over ten years ago but now after many requests Martyn has started making melodeons again with the opening of SqueezeBoxes as the exclusive supplier.


We offer a range of fully restored vintage concertinas with a guarantee of quality. All our concertinas have gone through thorough inspection and a full restoration to ensure they meet our high quality standards. We also have a small selection of new concertinas and are about to release our own - Oakwood Anglo