Dino Baffetti / Oakwood Binci III

Dino Baffetti - Oakwood Binci III

  • £2,599.00

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Description :

By collaborating with Dino Baffetti, Oakwood have taken a solid cherry Baffetti casework, redesigned the styling and grille, and fitted it out with world-renowned Italian hand-made Binci reeds. The result is something like taking a Ferrarri engine and putting it in a mini ... it goes like the clappers! The Baffetti Binci III is powerful and responsive and has a lovely balanced 3 voice sound. It features a treble stop to remove the L reed and a stop to remove the thirds from the chords as standard.

Specification :

Rows : 2

Treble buttons : 21

Basses : 8

Treble voices : 3

Weight (kg) : 3.55

Width (cm) : 27

Depth (cm) : 16

Bellows x section (sq. cm) : 432

Treb stops : 1

3rds stop : Yes

Bass octave stop : No

Treble registers : 0

Bass registers : 0 

Keyboard : Stepped