Hohner Bravo III 72 Bass Accordion

Hohner - Bravo III

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Description :

Hohner Accordions are the standard by which modern accordion manufacture has been set. For 100 years or more Hohner have lead the way in producing models that appeal to the main stream market and are renowned for providing well made instruments that last a long time.

As a player already you may be looking to upgrade to a 72 bass because it provides you with extra notes and sounds so that you can play in more keys and put more expression and feeling into your music. Whether playing slow airs or your favourite rock and pop tunes at the party this accordion and your playing will set feet tapping.
The Bravo III 72 Bass Piano Accordion is aimed at the improving player, if that’s you and you are seeking good features combined with value for money and playability, you will find the quality is excellent which is only to be expected being built in Hohner’s own factory. The sound is fabulous and the responsive keyboard will bring out the best in your playing making sure that the instrument contributes to your continued playing progression. It is a full size 72 bass piano accordion with the feel of a much more expensive instrument. Supplied with an extremely well padded luxury Hohner branded accordion gig bag the package does look and feel like quality which of course it is. br /> Treble: 34 keys, range (G) g-e' Three sets of reeds, five registers, Tuning: Continental, Bass: 72 buttons, two registersWeight: 16.25 lbs.Size: 7.25” deep by 15.5” high Keyboard: 16”

KEYS : 34



WEIGHT (KG) : 7.71

WIDTH (CM) : 18.5

HIGHT (CM) : 39.4